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NEW: Surface & Symbol by Flux Galleries Opening Exhibition, "Unprompted," STARTS NOW!

Sonder Yen | Painter & Printmaker

As the world evolves, there has become a propensity to keep up with the ever-changing ways of those around me, namely in the social status realm. Social media and corporate America played an enormous part in my realization of this diabolical infection of the human soul. I too found myself caught in that cycle, and quickly wanted to bridge the gap between internal feeling, with external existence – being okay with who I am at all times. Too often, we are unaware of the ways in which our authentic beings are suffering, suppressing the expressions we do not realize need acknowledgment. My creative process includes listening to a combination of music genres, coupled with writing through my most inner feelings and dealings. This allows for the reluctant eradication of maintaining a tired façade in an infinite cycle of staying ahead of presumed perceptions. With every brush stroke upon my chosen canvas or every piece of wood or linoleum I chisel, it is a mini explosion of discovering and understanding the many ways in which I have become enveloped by society and removed from myself, just like so many others. 



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