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NEW: Surface & Symbol by Flux Galleries Opening Exhibition, "Unprompted," STARTS NOW! Whitepaper:

Flux Galleries is a physical mobile gallery, and is the analog to and its digital NFT gallery, auction-house, minting service, exchange, and tokenized vault. 

Flux seeks to work with artists that create real-world analog art, and digitize it to deploy in a smart contract. This will authenticate the digital and analog copies by creating a decentralized verification, and a real-world representation, simultaneously. This implies scarcity and drives desire for analog/digital unity among collectors. This also implies our core value - a digital asset and a physical asset, that match, backed by smart-contract. We Ensure Authenticity and Scarcity. also seeks to create a community-driven, artist-driven forum for the minting, storage, and exchange of art backed by ERC721 and ERC1155 smart contracts. 

Additionally, we will create real assets to provide project collateral by curating a collection of digital art and storing it in a tokenized vault. Five hundred tokens will be minted, and two-hundred fifty will be distributed to investors, genesis artists, and contributors to the project. The remaining tokens will be held by Flux Galleries and used to drive the built-in economy and fund growth initiatives.

Flux Galleries plans to transact most NFT purchases in DAI stable coin and US Dollar. The Maker Protocol and the DAI stable coin is a decentralized, unbiased, collateral-backed cryptocurrency soft-pegged to the US Dollar. The Maker Protocol and Dai Stablecoin are an integral part of our goal to give artists financial freedom and stability. 

Any transaction based on Ethereum etc., could drop significantly in value over a few hours, or even during the time taken to verify a contract on the block-chain. We believe the artists should receive payment that they can closely tie to the US Dollar value, and then transfer into whatever fiat or crypto they like, or even directly purchase more art. seeks to elevate artists and in doing so will need to maintain digital infrastructure, security protocols, marketing efforts, and communications of both business and legal nature. Aside from a collateralized asset in the form of our vault, called Epsilon, we will need to generate funding through the sale and exchange of art.

Our fee structure is simple: Ten percent of each original sale stays in our Omnibus Wallet, and Ninety percent goes to the artist’s wallet. Ten percent of each secondary sale on the exchange goes to the Omnibus Wallet, and nine percent of that goes to the Artist. All of this is transparent and visible at our etherscan here: 

Flux Galleries Omnibus Wallet - Ethereum Mainnet:

And info on Dai Stablecoin here:


Our initial project goals: 

  • Create an omnibus wallet for storage of NFT’s.
  • Create a live bidding and exchange defi app/site.
  • Create a vault (Epsilon) of our genesis NFT’s worth $150,000.00.
  • Tokenize Epsilon to fund and grow a core team.
  • Curate $1,500,000.00 for storage in Epsilon, and maintain that value, or greater, to benefit token holders. 

Our Initiatives: 

  1. NFT Sharing Exchange

Create and test an online gallery with purchase options using current Shopify platform. Test purchase and sharing of NFT’s between artists using USD and DAI. Use testnet results to refine functions for beta version of

  1. Auction 1 - Retrograde Motion

A live bid auction in conjunction with a live video broadcast featuring works by several of our own artists and hosted by our community members/venues, in conjunction with live physical and online art show.

  1. Art Creation

In our first phase we will create three-dimensional object files from analog art using video and laser scanning techniques. These object files will be manipulated using video, audio and illustration software to create multiple pieces of digital art. That art, its metadata, and filesource will be deployed within a smart contract as a Non-Fungible token. 

  1. Art Minting

Once our core team has funding to support development, we will create our own custom minting platform, tied to our main systems. This platform will allow deployment of ERC721 and ERC1155 smart contracts. We are developing several features to benefit artists such as royalty, scarcity, security, and replication options. This system should be easy to use and navigate, with a well-tested UI. We have engaged with the Core Team with the Flow blockchain protocol, run by Dapper Labs, one of the original NFT generators. This group is devoted to the industry in a positive and equitable way. The Flow protocol will be an integral part of servicing our artists and customers. Flow is a powerful protocol, featuring very low gas fees that will benefit our artists as they mint their NFTs.

  1. Epsilon

The art vault is one of the most exciting features of the project.  A core team of developers, curators and artists will create a growing collection of NFTs to store in the Epsilon Wallet. This will create asset-based collateral that will be tokenized. All of our Genesis art will have ten minted copies at most, and one will remain in the Vault. 

Genesis artworks are created by our core artists and donated to Epsilon. Each artist that donates works will be given an Epsilon Token. This will represent a 1/500 share of our vault, and is an organic method to encourage growth of our assets, and indirectly grow the assets of our core team. This in turns encourages responsible curation of Epsilon and active engagement with the direction of Flux.

Project Abstract: - Timing Waves

If we are bold then we will explore. When we explore, we often become lost. If one is ever stranded at sea and spots an island, they should know that timing the waves is the key to getting there. Digital artists have waited for this NFT wave for many many years. And they deserve it. But where do the tides go next? What if, in a nearly retrograde motion, “real-world” artists were the ones to make high-value digital art in the next wave? 

At the time was conceived in October of 2020, NFT’s were a relative mystery. As our concept was developed the market has become flooded with traders seeking profits, artists needing education, and projects needing guidance. A simple market economic perspective would say that this can have both a negative and positive effect on the art market, and even on the understanding of what art is. We seek to educate, ensure scarcity, and ensure authenticity in an equitable community-driven manner.


Shipping is an extra fee dependent on your location and shipping request. Contact us for more info.


Items can be picked up on-site or delivered anywhere in the Continental U.S. for a fee.


You'll love your art so much you will never want to return it. Therefore, we do not accept returns.